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Howdy Folks,


I am very passionate about digital photography and love to take pictures of things that interest me. The purpose of this website is for me to share my images with the world as well as to do a little writing. I really enjoy mixing the two and making my own little slice of the web. I am not a professional photographer and I do have a day job! It would be great to get paid to make images, but I am not holding my breath. Right now I enjoy photography on my schedule and what subjects catch my fancy and my lens. If you see something you like, just use the contact form to let me know what you are interested in or check out my online gallery.


 I reside in the Western Foothills of North Carolina and like to take photographs of things that one would encounter there. I especially love the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area and the many rivers and streams that flow in this area. I also like to take pictures when I travel to other places. Who knows where my camera will wind up next?


 Most of my images are either family members, things I find on the old farm I live on,places I travel to and I love anything in the sky (stars, clouds, moon, storms, lightning and airplanes). 


I use a Canon 5D MK III, 7D, and T1i for making my images. I also use a Olympus OM-D as well. I have various lenses that I use from 10mm up to 400mm in focal length. I capture my lightning images with a Lightning Bug, lightning trigger, long exposures (at night), or simply pressing the shutter at the correct time.


I use a Macbook Pro running Aperture 3 for all my image editing. It does everything I ask of it and it works great for my workflow.


Now take that lens cap off and take some pictures!