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Linville River Fog and the AMPC

Shortoff Mountain 9-24-2013 7


Thanks AMPC for getting me to the finals in the landscape category. Thanks to all the people who voted for me in the People's Choice. Finally, glad to have meet you folks that I did tonight at the reception.






The Daffodils and Shortoff

Shortoff and Daffodils


One of the most spectacular views of the Gorge is down by the Linville River on the Southern End of the Gorge right before Spring. What a wonderful and Glorious way to spend a Weekend.




The Cold Water

High Shoals Falls 1-25-2014 98


With the cold temperatures in the Carolinas, it did have some great photographic opportunities especially along the Jacobs Fork River in South Mountain State Park. This is probably my favorite place to photograph water features as there is always something truly amazing to be seen here.


This day, the water and ice made for a particularly interesting scene. 



High Shoals Falls 1-25-2014 33


High Shoals Falls located there as well was pretty spectacular too.


Thanks for looking!



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas


I wanted to wish each and everyone one a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year. May the coming year be ripe for opportunities and blessings. God Bless You and Yours!




The Table Rock Fire

Table Rock Fire Linville Gorge 11-13-2013 16

Just this past Tuesday, I thought I noticed smoke near one of the most iconic views in Morganton, Table Rock. There was a controlled burn scheduled for Dobson Knob located West of the Linville Gorge, but they had postponed that as a front with strong winds was to move through in the afternoon.



Table Rock Fire Linville Gorge 11-13-2013 9 (1)


As the day wore on, many folks were saddened to learn that the area around Table Rock was on fire. I had to see for myself the destruction that my beloved Linville Gorge was experiencing, so I drove up on Wednesday 11-13-2013. 


Table Rock Fire Linville Gorge 11-13-2013 6

I arrived at Wiseman's View off of Old NC 105 at around 10pm. On the road up over the spine of DogBack Mountain, the flames that were under the smoke revealed themselves. I have never seen anything quite as frightening or as beautiful at the same time as this fire. As I made my way along Old NC 105, it was like I was watching a firey serpent crawling over the ridges of the Gorge.



Table Rock Fire Linville Gorge 11-13-2013 20


After I made it to Wiseman's View I saw this spectacular and sad sight. I had hiked this area twice in the past month exploring it's 'new to me' views and sharing the trail with some photographers that were as smitten by the views as I was.

It will take many years for this area to recover and heal the scars left by this fire, but the good Lord always lets the Linville Gorge recover. It just takes time.