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Birthday Party Fun!


A few weeks back my wonderful Daughter had her Birthday Party at an indoor party place. I took along my Canon and opted for my 1.4 50mm since I was certain the light would be horrible. In about 80% of the building the lighting was bright. Obviously my Daughter is quite thrilled with all those tokens she has transformed into tickets for prizes! I love how this picture turned out!



Welcome to Houser Photography!

Howdy and thanks for visiting!

I have always wanted to have my own domain and control all aspects of my own little corner of the internet. With a little help from Square Space and a domain registered through Nettica, I am finally here.

I would like to to also thank Rob (you know who you are! aka the sub man in case you don't!) for encouraging me to share my photos, my wonderful Wife, who has supported ALL of my crazy and half witted ideas and has always found a way to make those ideas materialize! I would also like to thank my Daughter and Son who think I am the greatest Father in the whole world, with their never ending smiles and laughter never fail to inspire me to try and capture that magic moment they are experiencing at the time.

Even though I am not new to the web, I have never owned a domain or had a website. Things may take a little while to where they are pleasing to look at, but have no fear, things will only get better with time!


Thanks for reading!



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