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Flight of the Corsair

Monroe Airshow 11-9-2013 (5DMk3 Card 2) 329


I went to the Warbirds Over Monroe air show this weekend. This is the first air show I have attended with serious photography gear. The last time was probably in the mid 1980's.


The high cirrus clouds made for an interesting sky, but later on as an upper level low came through, it made shooting challenging as the light was not as intense. That was when I made this  shoot of a Chance Vought F4U Corsair, probably my favorite shots of the whole weekend. I saw how the light was playing on the wings and I loved the contrast and angle.






Shooting the Sphinx

Gorge Rat Weekend October 26-27, 2013  189


A few weeks back a rather challenging hike was planned on one of the Facebook Groups I am active on. The plan was to climb down the UNCW down to the Sphinx and back out by the Ampitheater. The hikers though it would be cool to be photographed as they climbe up the Sphinx.


I opted for the high ground and after some research on Google Earth, I found a probable vantage point. The other problem was being able to communicate with the hikers. Since I would be on the edge of a cliff and the hikers would be around 1500' away without obstructions I equipped one of them with an FRS radio. It worked great!


For my photography setup I took my Canon 5D mk 3 and EF 100-400mm lens. I also took my Olympus OM-D and Lumix 100-300mm (with a crop factor of 2 it gives me a 200-600mm). I found that the Canon 5D mk3 and 100-400mm gave me the best options, but I let a fellow hiker shoot video with the OM-D. It was nice to have a second shooter.



Gorge Rat Weekend October 26-27, 2013  236


The FRS radio allowed me to pose the victorious hikers on a succesful scramble to the top as well as give them a safety net in case they needed it.



Gorge Rat Weekend October 26-27, 2013  78


A safe an succesful hike and scramble  the Gorge Rats show off their Gorge 'Tats'. 


Gorge Rat Weekend October 26-27, 2013  77


Sure was a fun trip!




I guess the best part about photography, is that you get to come back home with treasure...

"I guess the best part about photography, is that you get to come back home with treasure." by Mark Steven Houser

I was thinking about photography today on my way back home after photographing the amazing birds of prey at the Carolina Raptor Center. It got me to contemplate WHY DO I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, so much? For me, it is I get to come home with some great photographs, better skills, more experience, and an understanding of the subjects I shoot. So those things, to me, are my 'Treasure'!


That is why I came up with the above statement... 


Photographers will 'get it'... I hope!






Linville Falls

Plunge Basin 9-27-2013 349


Most people who visit Linville Falls never see the falls from the bottom at the plunge basin. For me, the view is not very impressive at the overlooks. I prefer to get up close with my waterfalls! This image can be purhased HERE



Olympus OM-D and Lightning

Storm August 2013 (1)


I recently sold my Sony NEX-5, and purchased an Olympus OM-D for my carry around camera. Nothing bad about the NEX-5, I just could not get used to not having a viewfinder since I mainly shoot with Canon DSLRs (5D MK3, 7D, T1i). The menu's on the NEX-5 were, in my humble opinion, TOO HARD to get to the good stuff (manual controls)... and no wired intervalometer/shutter release. 

The Olympus OM-D really intrigued me with the images it made, the electronic viewfinder (which FEELS like you are looking through a DSLR), the two dials to QUICKLY change settings on the fly, and the bulb mode with updates.


I ordered the OM-D last week and it arrived Tuesday. I have been reading David Busch's Book on the OM-D and after using Canon's menu systems, Olympus's seems archaic and not very intuituve. The great news is once you get it set up, it is a lot easier to use.


The in camera Image Stabilization, LCD and Electronic Viewfinder are AMAZING and the OM-D seems to be built like a tank (solid feel and well made) so I have been playing with it for around 4 days so far. Just playing and seeing what it could do. I have a Lightning Trigger made by MK Controls that I use on the 5D MK3, 7D and T1i so I ordered one for the OM-D (it arrived today after I took this picture).


A note for those who want to use the Olympus OM-D and the Lightning Bug Lightning Trigger, the Lightning Bug will fit in the hotshoe mount on the OM-D which is really nice.

This afternoon was humid and the storms were expected to roll in. Around 4 PM I noticed the sky was dark and I decided to take the OM-D out and hunt for a spot to get some lightning shots. I had to anticipate the strikes and in 15 minutes I had captured 3 decent lightning shots.

I am REALLY impressed with the Olympus OM-D and I have only begun to explore it's capabilites. Will I switch over to Olympus DSLRs and get rid of my Canons??? NO WAY!! However, I really enjoy having an awesome tool in my tool kit to make images. With the OM-D, I will not have the excuse of not having a camera with me!

More to come as my work schedule allows.