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Lightning during the day

Daytime Lightning


Having purchased a lightning trigger a few Summers ago, I have never been able to get it to work. So the other day I opened up my Lightning Bug Trigger and resoldered a few loose connections. I then put it on the camera and fired off the flash and the thing worked!


Today, as the storms came rolling in during the later afternoon, I was able to capture this image as the storms were dying down. Glad to know it works and I now have a whole new word of opportunity to shoot some daytime images versus my usual method of long exposures at night.

Great device, The Lightning Bug, as it was out of warranty I opted to repair it myself. No fault of theirs, just never had a chance to test it out until after the warranty expired so I was hoping it was an easy fix and it was. 



Last Weekend on Round Bald

Roan Mountain Sunrise 6-15-2013 115


Got to love when the day starts like this!




The Grandfather in the Mist...

Shrouded in clouds:Grandfather Mountain NPW 6-1-2013 148


I attended the Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weeked 2013 and had some fun shooting with some phenomenal photograpers for a few days. I took this shot as the clouds and fog blew over the top of the mountain. What fun!



Eye of the Tiger





I'd Be A Poor Man If I never Saw an Eagle Fly...

Carolina Raptor Center CRC CNPA event 3-16-2013 1


Latta came to the Carolina Raptor Center as an injured Bald Eagle. After a 3 month Rehabilitation, Lata, was released back into the wild at the Latta Plantation on Lake Norman. I had been shooting with a group of fellow photographers at the CRC and there was to be an eagle release at 2pm. 

It was a no brainer for us! After a quick lunch we headed back.

This was the first time I have ever saw an eagle fly and it reminded me of the John Denver Song "Rocky Mountain High", where he says "I'd know he'd be a poor man if he never saw an eagle fly". Here are a few shots of Latta as once again he tasted freedom!


Carolina Raptor Center CRC CNPA event 3-16-2013 4



Eagle Fly Free


I think these photos capture the joy of a bird tasting freedom for the first time since his injury. Thanks to the Carolina Raptor Center, he lived to fly again.