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Front Porch Fireworks

Front Porch Fireworks


It has been awhile since I have had the chance to photograph a good lightning storm. My chance came a few nights ago when we had an almost stationary storm sit South of me to around 2 hours. It provided a wonderful opportunity to do some long exposures.


Not bad for a nice evening on the front porch.




Lightning during the day

Daytime Lightning


Having purchased a lightning trigger a few Summers ago, I have never been able to get it to work. So the other day I opened up my Lightning Bug Trigger and resoldered a few loose connections. I then put it on the camera and fired off the flash and the thing worked!


Today, as the storms came rolling in during the later afternoon, I was able to capture this image as the storms were dying down. Glad to know it works and I now have a whole new word of opportunity to shoot some daytime images versus my usual method of long exposures at night.

Great device, The Lightning Bug, as it was out of warranty I opted to repair it myself. No fault of theirs, just never had a chance to test it out until after the warranty expired so I was hoping it was an easy fix and it was. 



Finally, some more Lightning!

Lightning April 17th 2012 108/366


We finally had a decent storm here on the farm and it produced some lightning that I was able to get one decent shot with the Canon 7D.


Taken with Canon 7D ISO 100 F5 @ 60 second exposure, focal length 24mm, Lens Canon EF 24-70mm F 2.8 Lens.

Looking forward to the next round!




The Shocking Art of Lightning Photography.

Storm North of Morganton


As I was heading home Thursday evening, I noticed that storms were on the way from the west as the clouds were building. There is nothing quite like watching fluffy white clouds, turn into menacing thunderheads in the late afternoon and evening hours.



Lightning Illuminated Clouds at night


As I set up my camera gear I watched the awesome display of lightning flashes as they inched ever closer into my field of view. I was shooting with 2 cameras this time, my trusty Canon T1i and my Sony NEX-5.



Distant Strike


Most of the intense lightning stayed to the West and traveled to the NorthEast, so the majority of my shots were of distant lightning. Lightning Photography is like that though, especially if you stay stationary and wait for that storm to come to you. Sometimes they do, sometimes the lightning is cloud to could inside the storm which you cannot capture, and sometimes they fizzle out before anything good (photographically) happens.



First Lightning capture with NEX-5 (slight crop)


This shot, while nothing special other than it contains an image of lightning, is my first ever shot of lightning from my Sony NEX-5. While no where as quick and reliable on long exposures as my Canon D-SLR, it was nice to have a second camera pointed in a different direction. The only problem with the NEX-5 was that after a 10-15 second exposure, it took nearly that long to process the image in camera. It does a great job of noise reduction on the images, but that processing takes a while between images. Still I always had a shutter open and I timed the exposures to allow for this.



Straight Shooter 2639


This was the best shot of the batch in my opinion, since it was closest and it also was straight compared to some of my other lightning captures. It is neat that it appears to travel through the cloud. I also like the second distant strike.


I was glad I had the opportunity to setup and to capture some of God's awesome display of lightning!


Thanks for reading.



High Voltage, Done Dirt Cheap...

Curly Lightning 2408


Last night we had a front rolling through with a few streaks of lightning. Took me a few hours to finally get the storm where I could grab this shot.


I experimented with a .3 Neutral Density Filter and finally got a chance to use my remote shutter release and the bulb settings on my camera. Can't wait to get the chance to try it again!