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The Drones are Droning

God's Country  2


I recently acquired a "Flying Camera" aka a DJI Phantom II Vision + drone. So many creative possibilities that this can open up. I look forward to exploring them. This was a shot taken around 350' from a farm in Western Lincoln County. The South Mountains are in the distance with Carpenters Knob a little closer. 



Puck, the American Kestrel

Puck the American Kestrel (1 of 1)

I normally do not like to photograph captive animals, but with how wary raptors are, I would probably never get a chance to get this close to one. At the Carolina Raptor Center, once in Spring and Fall, you have a chance to photograph these birds outside of their enclosures.


Puck, is an American Kestrel and one of the most colorful of the raptors there. Thanks little guy for posing for me!




Front Porch Fireworks

Front Porch Fireworks


It has been awhile since I have had the chance to photograph a good lightning storm. My chance came a few nights ago when we had an almost stationary storm sit South of me to around 2 hours. It provided a wonderful opportunity to do some long exposures.


Not bad for a nice evening on the front porch.




A Day In The Life of A Gorge Photographer


I have been busy experimenting with Time-Lapse Photography as of late. I added a Motion Controller and have been having a blast playing around with this new, to me, medium. 


I hope you enjoy!




Shooting the Sphinx

Gorge Rat Weekend October 26-27, 2013  189


A few weeks back a rather challenging hike was planned on one of the Facebook Groups I am active on. The plan was to climb down the UNCW down to the Sphinx and back out by the Ampitheater. The hikers though it would be cool to be photographed as they climbe up the Sphinx.


I opted for the high ground and after some research on Google Earth, I found a probable vantage point. The other problem was being able to communicate with the hikers. Since I would be on the edge of a cliff and the hikers would be around 1500' away without obstructions I equipped one of them with an FRS radio. It worked great!


For my photography setup I took my Canon 5D mk 3 and EF 100-400mm lens. I also took my Olympus OM-D and Lumix 100-300mm (with a crop factor of 2 it gives me a 200-600mm). I found that the Canon 5D mk3 and 100-400mm gave me the best options, but I let a fellow hiker shoot video with the OM-D. It was nice to have a second shooter.



Gorge Rat Weekend October 26-27, 2013  236


The FRS radio allowed me to pose the victorious hikers on a succesful scramble to the top as well as give them a safety net in case they needed it.



Gorge Rat Weekend October 26-27, 2013  78


A safe an succesful hike and scramble  the Gorge Rats show off their Gorge 'Tats'. 


Gorge Rat Weekend October 26-27, 2013  77


Sure was a fun trip!