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Olympus OM-D and Lightning

Storm August 2013 (1)


I recently sold my Sony NEX-5, and purchased an Olympus OM-D for my carry around camera. Nothing bad about the NEX-5, I just could not get used to not having a viewfinder since I mainly shoot with Canon DSLRs (5D MK3, 7D, T1i). The menu's on the NEX-5 were, in my humble opinion, TOO HARD to get to the good stuff (manual controls)... and no wired intervalometer/shutter release. 

The Olympus OM-D really intrigued me with the images it made, the electronic viewfinder (which FEELS like you are looking through a DSLR), the two dials to QUICKLY change settings on the fly, and the bulb mode with updates.


I ordered the OM-D last week and it arrived Tuesday. I have been reading David Busch's Book on the OM-D and after using Canon's menu systems, Olympus's seems archaic and not very intuituve. The great news is once you get it set up, it is a lot easier to use.


The in camera Image Stabilization, LCD and Electronic Viewfinder are AMAZING and the OM-D seems to be built like a tank (solid feel and well made) so I have been playing with it for around 4 days so far. Just playing and seeing what it could do. I have a Lightning Trigger made by MK Controls that I use on the 5D MK3, 7D and T1i so I ordered one for the OM-D (it arrived today after I took this picture).


A note for those who want to use the Olympus OM-D and the Lightning Bug Lightning Trigger, the Lightning Bug will fit in the hotshoe mount on the OM-D which is really nice.

This afternoon was humid and the storms were expected to roll in. Around 4 PM I noticed the sky was dark and I decided to take the OM-D out and hunt for a spot to get some lightning shots. I had to anticipate the strikes and in 15 minutes I had captured 3 decent lightning shots.

I am REALLY impressed with the Olympus OM-D and I have only begun to explore it's capabilites. Will I switch over to Olympus DSLRs and get rid of my Canons??? NO WAY!! However, I really enjoy having an awesome tool in my tool kit to make images. With the OM-D, I will not have the excuse of not having a camera with me!

More to come as my work schedule allows.



Lightning during the day

Daytime Lightning


Having purchased a lightning trigger a few Summers ago, I have never been able to get it to work. So the other day I opened up my Lightning Bug Trigger and resoldered a few loose connections. I then put it on the camera and fired off the flash and the thing worked!


Today, as the storms came rolling in during the later afternoon, I was able to capture this image as the storms were dying down. Glad to know it works and I now have a whole new word of opportunity to shoot some daytime images versus my usual method of long exposures at night.

Great device, The Lightning Bug, as it was out of warranty I opted to repair it myself. No fault of theirs, just never had a chance to test it out until after the warranty expired so I was hoping it was an easy fix and it was. 



Last Weekend on Round Bald

Roan Mountain Sunrise 6-15-2013 115


Got to love when the day starts like this!




The Grandfather in the Mist...

Shrouded in clouds:Grandfather Mountain NPW 6-1-2013 148


I attended the Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weeked 2013 and had some fun shooting with some phenomenal photograpers for a few days. I took this shot as the clouds and fog blew over the top of the mountain. What fun!



Finally, some more Lightning!

Lightning April 17th 2012 108/366


We finally had a decent storm here on the farm and it produced some lightning that I was able to get one decent shot with the Canon 7D.


Taken with Canon 7D ISO 100 F5 @ 60 second exposure, focal length 24mm, Lens Canon EF 24-70mm F 2.8 Lens.

Looking forward to the next round!



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