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Lightning during the day

Daytime Lightning


Having purchased a lightning trigger a few Summers ago, I have never been able to get it to work. So the other day I opened up my Lightning Bug Trigger and resoldered a few loose connections. I then put it on the camera and fired off the flash and the thing worked!


Today, as the storms came rolling in during the later afternoon, I was able to capture this image as the storms were dying down. Glad to know it works and I now have a whole new word of opportunity to shoot some daytime images versus my usual method of long exposures at night.

Great device, The Lightning Bug, as it was out of warranty I opted to repair it myself. No fault of theirs, just never had a chance to test it out until after the warranty expired so I was hoping it was an easy fix and it was. 



The Grandfather in the Mist...

Shrouded in clouds:Grandfather Mountain NPW 6-1-2013 148


I attended the Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weeked 2013 and had some fun shooting with some phenomenal photograpers for a few days. I took this shot as the clouds and fog blew over the top of the mountain. What fun!



I'd Be A Poor Man If I never Saw an Eagle Fly...

Carolina Raptor Center CRC CNPA event 3-16-2013 1


Latta came to the Carolina Raptor Center as an injured Bald Eagle. After a 3 month Rehabilitation, Lata, was released back into the wild at the Latta Plantation on Lake Norman. I had been shooting with a group of fellow photographers at the CRC and there was to be an eagle release at 2pm. 

It was a no brainer for us! After a quick lunch we headed back.

This was the first time I have ever saw an eagle fly and it reminded me of the John Denver Song "Rocky Mountain High", where he says "I'd know he'd be a poor man if he never saw an eagle fly". Here are a few shots of Latta as once again he tasted freedom!


Carolina Raptor Center CRC CNPA event 3-16-2013 4



Eagle Fly Free


I think these photos capture the joy of a bird tasting freedom for the first time since his injury. Thanks to the Carolina Raptor Center, he lived to fly again.




Return of the Photographer...

Howdy Folks,

It has been a long time since I have posted here, but I have been very busy. I have been doing my photography without fail, just have not posted much on here.


You can usually see what I have uploaded to Flickr on the side bar as it cycles through some of my latest photographs.



Moon Halo 354-363 of 366


For the past 2 months, I have been photographing the Moon just about every evening it has been clear. Last Thursday I went out to shoot the Moon instead of my typical 640mm shot, I saw this spectacular halo around the moon. I quickly traded in my Canon EF 100-400mm for the Sigma 10-20mm and took a few shots.


Seeing it was magical!




PhotoWILD at the Carolina Raptor Center

Edgar working the scene. 1188


I headed over to the Carolina Raptor Center early Saturday morning and again today for the PhotoWild Event. Photowild is a fundraiser for the CRC and gives photographers a chance to photograph birds of prey outside their enclosures. It is probably as close as one can get to these magnificent creatures for some extreme close up action.



We gotta get outta here, Barn Owl Flight from Tether 1231



Set me Free (Golden Eagle) 1202




The challenge to photograph these birds is to try and make it APPEAR that they are in the wild. All these birds wear tethers which can sometime ruin that appearance. I don't "Photoshop" images since I am an Aperture 3 user and most of my edits are to only enhance the RAW images that come from my camera, and I occasionaly remove/retouch/clone distracting elements, but I usually try to crop via my lens. Nothing wrong with photoshop, it's just not something I want to use now and Aperture 3 does what I need. However sometimes the truth can be interesting!



Seriously! 1186


This was my second time to the Carolina Raptor Center and I wanted to really give my new Canon 7D  a work out and see what it could do with my "L" Glass Lenses. I am totally impressed. Thanks to my fellow photographer and friend Cliff Black who provided me with some tips and tricks using it! Thanks Cliff! Cliff and I shoot with pretty much the same gear except the flash and the editing software! Great minds think alike!



Golden Eagle in the Rain 1205



Curves Golden Eagle 1207



Who'll stop the rain (Golden Eagle) 1203



Golden Eagle EYES 1208



Golden Eagle in the Rain 1209


My favorite bird is the Golden Eagle and I worked this bird for a long time. Such a noble animal. I like the Bald Eagle too, but it is like the difference between a US Marine in dress uniform vs. Combat Fatigues to me. It was raining so it made the light soft and easy to control!



Watcha Gonna Do About it Buster


The Spectacled Owl was one of the most expressive birds out there. Sometimes he looked very angry, but he was a gentle creature!



Peregrine Falcon 1232


The fastest animal of the planet, the Peregrine Falcon! 



Red Tailed Hawk  Also 85/366 Project



Red Tailed Hawk 1226


We have a large Red Tailed Hawk that lives nearby and getting a chance to photograph one up close was a real treat for me! 



Owl in Flight 1218



Eagle Owl 1223



Owl in Flight 1214


I really liked the flight of the Eagle Owl!


Several of us CNPA members were there and we had a wonderful time fellowshipping in the hobby we love so well. 


Thanks for Reading!




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