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2nd Place for "Fire on the Mountain"

Table Rock Fire Linville Gorge 11-13-2013 8


Thanks Burke County Arts Council for the photography contest and for picking up 2nd place in the Nature Category for "Fire on the Mountain". This was taken in November 2013 as the Table Rock Wildfire raged in the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area. 

Thanks for hosting the show and selecting four of my images to be displayed at the gallery.





Low Light and Good Glass...

Guitar Recital 510


It has been a busy few weeks and while I have not been blogging, I have been making many photographs. Two of the things I have been shooting are the Christmas concerts that occur this time of year.

The first was a friends concert which I learned how to use my Canon EF 24-70mm F 2.8 (non IS) and my EF 100mm F 2.8 Macro (IS) in low light.



Guitar Recital 512


I really wanted to be sure that I could capture my Daughters guitar and it worked out that the 100mm Macro with Image Stabilization worked great. I found it to be useful in the isolation shots I wanted to get of my Daughter!



Guitar Recital 513


The 24-70mm worked great for the group shots and wide angle.





Guitar Recital 514


I think these images turned out great and the 100mm Macro is a great "Concert" lens.








Snake in the grass!


I always have my trusty Canon point and shoot with me. Wherever I am at and I see something that looks interesting I take a pic. There is always something that can catch your eye. Here are a few pics I snapped with my D10. I wish I could take along my DSLR with me, but having some sort of camera is better than none. That being said the Canon D10 takes pretty amazing pictures!


After the storm


I took this looking out over a soybean field after a large rain. The clouds were hugging the ground and the view was nice. I wish I could set up here and take some lightning shots!


Snake in the grss


As I was walking along the Catawba River Greenway I passed this sunny spot. I noticed something black and shiny in the grass and it turned out to be a snake. He let me take a couple of pics before I continued walking and left him alone basking in the sun.


High contrast clouds and powerlines



Another high contrast cloud pic


I took these two cloud/sky pics because of the beauty and contrast of the clouds. Nothing like looking up at the sky and seeing cool looking clouds!



Sun rays under the clouds


I love to shoot sun rays almost as much as lightning. Well, lately I have been able to catch more sun rays! I thought I was pretty lucky to get the rays under the clouds as it made for an interesting image.


B&W fence Catawba Greenway


I took this after I was finishing my walk on the Catawba River Greenway. I saw someone else do a shot on the same greenway that was interesting so I tried to find an angle that was interesting. I am also a big fan of b&w images and since it looked better that way that is what I attempted.


Well hopefully you like what I have to share this week. Thanks for looking and reading!





The Overmountain Men, Quaker Meadows and the McDowell House...

McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1604


Today we went to the McDowell House located North of Morganton. September 30th is the 230th Anniversary of the Overmountain Men who stopped in Quaker Meadows before arriving on October 7th, 1780 to defeat the British at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

The Historic Burke Foundation and Overmountain Victory Trail Association hosts "Revolutionary Week" to re-enact and bring history alive at the McDowell house.


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1606

The McDowell House was built in 1812 by Charles McDowell Jr the Son of Charles McDowell, and nephew of Joseph McDowell who met with the Overmountain Men in 1780 at Quaker Meadows. The McDowell House is the oldest surviving house in Burke County and is currently owned by the Historic Burke Foundation.



McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1609

One of the many re-enactors in period wear.


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1620

Spinning wool into yarn.

McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1618

Making a fork blacksmith style.


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1617

A skilled craftsman who makes flintlock rifles. 

McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1619

Niece learning how to use a loom.


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1623

Lady playing a hammer dulcimer.


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1625

I found this fascinating as a lady crushed flowers and imprinted the colors onto a cotton cloth. Later on she will use this as a guide to embroider over. Pretty cool!

The views inside the McDowell house were fascinating as well.


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1613

I found the shingles to form a neat pattern. The little orange spot at the top of the picture is my Son playing in the yard.


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1614

This is one of the bedrooms upstairs. Nice little fireplace. The wallpaper is a reproduction from the era the house was built. I like how the wallpaper pattern repeats in the mirror.


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1612

Very nice antique bed in the master bedroom.


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1611

An old fireplace in the master bedroom, wonder how many logs this has burned?

The Historic Burke Foundation does a really great job of getting the children involved in history.


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1610


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1621


McDowell House-Overmountain Men  1608

If you ever get a chance, be sure to head out to the McDowell House and if you can make it go see the Overmountain Victory Trail Association when they are there. It is a piece of American History that you need to experience.